Managing sustainability

Our commitment

Sustainable management with appropriate foresight is the maxim of the reconcept management team, led by Karsten Reetz. The investments we manage are designed to provide our clients with long-term returns and success. Our business partners find consistent policies and dependable collaboration with us: trust, reliability and transparency are not abstract ideas at reconcept, but core pillars of our daily business.

Karsten Reetz is Managing Partner of the reconcept Group. He has been with the company as an executive since 2006. Mr Reetz is a banking specialist who established reconcept GmbH as a full-fledged investment house in 2010, since than he has expanded the international scope of the reconcept Group investments by developing and acquiring more projects outside Germany (Spain, Finland, Canada).

“At reconcept, we offer our business partners reliable and efficient collaboration”

Karsten Reetz, Managing Partner reconcept Group

Founding partner of the reconcept group is Volker Friedrichsen.
The former Managing Director of Vestas Deutschland and the founder of one of the leading developers for wind farm projects worldwide is regarded as a pioneer in wind energy with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Via his own family office, Volker Friedrichsen is still the partner and major shareholder of the reconcept Group.